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The WCF stands for Warrior Clan Fighters this is a warrior cats roleplay forum where you can roleplay in different clans, and create characters,

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    Roleplay Guidelines Empty Roleplay Guidelines

    Post by Zephyr 8/24/2022, 09:23

    Roleplay guidelines:

    all roleplayers MUST respect eachother

    users should not bully if it is caught by a staff or administrator they will be warned

    users cannot powerplay without permission,

    if a clan does not have a leader or deputy, the administrator [littleshine] will choose which cat to be leader and the leader will choose the deputy, if there are no med cats administrators will choose who to be the med cat and the med cat will choose the med cat apprentice, 

    every users can have 5 cats in each clan, 

    1. if a role-player is being mean please report the abuse to a administrator or moderator
    2. if you are roleplaying a death roleplay please put this " warning contains blood/gore" so it does not make anyone uncomfortable
    4. roleplayers should not use bad language if so they will be warned if not followed then i will decide to do something with them


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