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The WCF stands for Warrior Clan Fighters this is a warrior cats roleplay forum where you can roleplay in different clans, and create characters,

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    Shadowclan Healing Requests

    Medicine Cat
    One of your characters has been a Medicine Cat!

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    Shadowclan Healing Requests Empty Shadowclan Healing Requests

    Post by DroganTheDragon 11/16/2022, 15:14

    Welcome to Shadowclan’s Medicine Cat Den, enter with caution. Willowbranch is Shadowclan’s current medicine cat. She’s always been fiercely loyal to Shadowclan and still has a learning curve to get used to living outside normal clan rivalries. Willowbranch first priority is the health and strength of Shadowclan as a whole so she won’t be forgiving towards those who’re wasting herbs with reckless actions but he will do his best to heal you for the good of Shadowclan. If you’re a repeat offender, however, she may be less inclined to continue wasting herbs on you.


    - Willowbranch can participate in birthing RPs, if so desired, though it’s not necessary and he’s not great moral support.
    - Semi-CLOSED den policy. Please fill out a form then post in the medicine cat den, you do not need to wait for me to respond to post a starter. She likely won’t refuse treatment but do you want to take the chance?
    - Bumping is fine and appreciated every 24-48 hours.
    - WillowBranch won’t frequently deny treatment, unless your character becomes a problem (i.e. coming in for trivial matters, serial reckless behavior, etc). Your character could be subject to further punishment as well if it gets egregious.
    - Do not enter for anything other than healing unless you’ve VMed beforehand. Willowbranch will kick cats out who do not have a good reason for being there or cats who are annoying her.



    Med Den

    Herb Storage



    Description of Injury/Illness:
    Other/Questions(Any absent periods, extra facts?):
    Live/Die/Desired Outcome:
    Mention: [ @Droganthedragon ]

    Do not wait for me to respond to your healing request!! Just post a starter in the Med Den

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